Valerie Giles - FCA

“I’ve been inspired by colour all my life. The vibrancies, the energies, the moods and the harmonies that colour creates “talk to me”.

In all of my paintings I try to capture this, creating a visual story through paint strokes, colour combinations and balance.

As a Graphic Designer I operated my own small company for 23 years and also instructed design and colour theory at BCIT for the Faculty of New Media.

Vancouver Island is an easy source of inspirational subjects and living here motivates me to bring colours to life on my canvases.”

Valerie is a juried Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists,  the FCA Arrowsmith Chapter and is a member of The Old School House Arts Centre (TOSH) in Qualicum Beach.

She and two friends, Birgit Coath and Jacqueline Dunn paint together each week and provide inspiration to each other. Their group is called "Artists 3" of Qualicum Beach.